In his book "Good to Great" Professor Jim Collins findings show that really successful companies had several common factors on route to becoming "Great" – a key common strategy was seeking out the best most talented people and developing them to contribute fully to the organisations aims.

All organisations have similar goals – to be successful, profitable, grow and that means having the motivated and talented people in the right places to deliver the desired success.

Everyone wants to attract and keep the best most talented people who are right for their business success.

You wouldn’t dream of losing an important client or customer and neither should you consider losing talent from your organisation – they’ll only go to your competitors.

Professional Tools help at all stages of the learning and development cycle. Having the right tool to make informed choices and effective plans are essential in today’s fast paced global economy.

The Team at McCormac are highly experienced in using and training internal specialists to use the best tools to recruit, develop and retain top talent.

McCormac are an ASSESS Systems Partner, certified in the delivery of Assess Systems products.

professional toolsWhat is ASSESS?

ASSESS is a state of the art, Web-based “Expert System” that interprets well researched, widely used tests on “Work Based Personality”. ASSESS models the judgment of a business psychologist and benchmarks the results against core competencies for success in the current and future role.

ASSESS is unique because it is the ONLY system that can measure the effectiveness of individuals and teams against the bespoke competency clusters and desired capabilities for success in a specific leadership/management role.

ASSESS reports are designed for managers, written in business language and provide the feedback you would obtain from a day with a Behavioural Psychologist – but at a fraction of the cost.

ASSESS is recognised internationally as the system to support a framework to develop and bespoke competency models, measure and identify top talent at recruitment or assessment stage and develop a flexible learning programme that meets both the individual and specific needs of managers and teams throughout their careers.

We offer Train the Trainer Accreditation to enable your internal HR Professionals to use the ASSESS expert system.


"Using ASSESS has helped us to recruit balanced and rounded teams. It clearly identifies development opportunities and solutions that positively impact on individual and team performance."

Gerald S Bessant, Human Resources Manager, Decoma Halewood

"Using the ASSESS tool gives us the added advantage of being able to provide candidates with a detailed and comprehensive development report which in turn is linked to our Competency framework and internal Performance Development Reviews. This information not only provides the delegates with tailored development solutions against the key competencies, but also allows Team Leaders and Managers to be able to identify and provide solutions in order to bridge any development requirements."

Graeme Hall, Process Lead at BAE Systems Typhoon

"I believe that ASSESS is a very versatile tool that can be used in a great number of business situations to recruit managers, identify and action development plans, provide a clear picture of individual potential and create cohesive leadership and management teams. In every case I have been impressed by the assistance I have been given by Liz McCormac and the team at McCormac to help us develop and implement the use of ASSESS."

Bill Trevethan, EBS Director


SELECT web-based surveys provide management guidance for interviews, successful applicant screening and selection decisions with immediate processing of results.

These short, targeted assessments are validated for a range of specific entry-level job roles:

  • Retail (clerk/cashier, sales associate, entry-level manager)
  • Call Centre (inbound service, inbound sales, outbound sales, help desk)
  • Manufacturing/Production
  • Hospitality & Customer Service
  • Healthcare

SELECT measures:

  • Willingness to do Job Tasks (working evenings/weekends, following procedures)
  • Optional modules can be included (maths, reading etc)
  • Counter productive behaviours (drug use, lack of safety, theft)

SELECT provides:

  • Interview Guides
  • Objective and fair evaluation of candidates
  • Provides recruitment recommendations for managers

Please view the example SELECT reports using the following links.

PDF Report
PDF Report
PDF Report



If you buy a new computer or piece of equipment, as standard you would expect a reference manual or operating procedures to understand how to get it working as soon as possible.

People can seem weird, a real puzzle to fathom and what’s worse they don’t come with a reference manual or operating instructions.

SUCCESS INSIGHTS® profiles enable employees, managers and teams to learn more about each other in 15 minutes than they could working together for a whole year.

SUCCESS INSIGHTS® are invaluable in improving teamwork through greater understanding and respect for different styles.

We offer a range of workshops designed to help individuals and teams improve team communication and performance.


“I felt I should express my appreciation for the insight your Team Communication workshop and Personal Profile has given me. In terms of my understanding and communications with my team it has proved to be a tremendous benefit”

Dr Liz Keenan, MICAP plc

"This was one of the best development courses I have ever attended."

Head teacher

"An excellent session, beautifully presented in an informative, friendly and skilled manner."

Staff Development Manager, Further Education

"A course which everyone should attend. It will make me think about others and how I relate to them much more carefully."

Head teacher

"Delivered with interest and enthusiasm - I feel the course will enable me to adapt my teaching style to meet students individual needs."

College Lecturer


At McCormac we are passionate about promoting entrepreneurial spirit and helping to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Liz McCormac is the author of “What Makes Me Tick”, the children’s profile designed for 9-10 year olds which was developed to support the national Enterprise Capability project.

"What Makes Me Tick" played a key part in increasing teachers’ and pupils self-awareness and helped demonstrate how to practically apply this new knowledge to increase confidence, learning, communication and team skills in a business environment.

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