Organisations need to make very important decisions to promote or develop people for future roles that can mean the difference between success and failure.

How many times have we heard about or even witnessed high performers being promoted only to find they don’t quite live up to expectations?

If this key decision is based only on the individuals current performance without a clear understanding of their true potential and their future development needs this can lead to the individuals loss of motivation, frustration, loss of confidence and ultimately a down turn in individual, team and business performance.

We understand that talent management and succession planning is a complex challenge because the desired competencies and related behaviours often differ for future roles.

To make a sound evaluation it will be vital for the organisation to distinguish between a manager’s current performance and their true potential for future roles.

Measurement of potential is difficult because you cannot observe the individual actually performing in the future role.

We have a proven track record of sound Talent Management. Using Performance x Potential we can accurately populate the Talent Matrix and prepare the right individuals for the right roles and target resources and development activities to get the best possible results for future individual and business performance.

talent management matrix

"Working together with McCormac has enabled us to map Personality Selection and Development reports against our own internal bespoke competencies which enables us to focus on key strategic areas of any given roles. This process provides us with a large amount of valuable data per candidate."

Graeme Hall, Process Lead at BAE Systems Typhoon

"Over the past three to four years I have used McCormac to help me develop managers and provide support for a leadership development programme for Senior Managers from a variety of organisations across the UK. In every case I have been impressed by the assistance Liz McCormac and her team have given me."

Bill Trevethan, EBS Director



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